Physical Sciences Information Practices

Description of study:

Physical Sciences Information Practices is a RIN funded study which aims to develop a sense of the range of information-seeking, organizing, archiving and communicating practices of physical scientists. Through case studies, web history collection, observations, and interviews, this study examines how scientists appropriate both analogue and digital resources in their work. An outcome of this work is to highlight issues in the current information environment which affect user information-seeking behaviour in the physical sciences.

Thank you for your participation!

To help us better understand physical scientists' use of information resources, we invite you to collect your web histories. Below, please find instructions for configuring your browser to collect web histories via our proxy server. Please consult your e-mail for your username and password.

We recommend using Firefox as a browser, however, we include instructions for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Linux, and Safari. If you are using a browser or platform not included in these instructions, please contact Monica Bulger for further information.