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Welcome to the SDP 2008 Wiki!

This wiki is the main source of information about the 2008 Web Science SDP. Please note that this wiki is open to the public and accessible by search engines, even if we are not widely advertising its presence! The top pages are locked for editing by OII admin staff but the Student and Tutors section and Workspace should be fully editable without the need for login and password details.

Student and Tutor Awards

Many thanks to those of you who completed the evaluation forms and nominated your peers for an award. A list of those who won our light-hearted awards is now available at SDP 2008 Awards.

Student Essays and Faculty Comments

Given the late arrival of several essays, and the fact that many faculty members are on holiday, we are allowing another week for faculty feedback on your contributions. Sorry for the delay!

Slides and podcasts

Where we have permission, we will be adding copies of faculty presentations over the next couple of days, and hope to have most available online by the end of the week. Due to some unresolved issues about copyright (University policy changing) we will have to wait a bit longer to add the podcasts…